How to Add Items To Auction

To add items to auction

  1. Log into Shopify.
    1. Username:
  2. Select "Products" on the left side bar menu.
  3. Search product or add product to add to auction (see how to add products to Shopify tutorial here)
  4. Click on product
  5. On top menu under title select "More Actions".
  6. Select View Auction to initiate product transfer to Auction Application.
  7. Application will launch.
  8. Determine if you want auction to autostart
  9. Select time beginning and ending (Time based on 24hr clock)
  10. Pricing
    1. Select option to buy now after first bid or skip
    2. Select "Base Price" (item starting price)
    3. Select "Reserve Price" (Item will not sell if Reserve is not met)
  11. Bidding Increments
    1. It is possible to set bid increments depending on price ranges.
    2. From price must be set
    3. To price must be set
    4. Increments must be set
  12. Proxy Bidding
    1. Allowing proxy bidding allows customers to create a max bid, which will auto bid according to the max bid the customer places. 
  13. Save item or Save and Start auction.


To view Auction Application

  1. Select apps on the left side view menu.
  2. Select application "Product Auction"
  3. To view current and past auctions select auction from top menu.
  4. To see products that are in auction or see auction records select products.
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