How to Add Items To Shopify

  1. Log into
  2. Username:
  3. Select products on the left side bar menu.
  4. Click "Add Product" on the upper left portion of the page.
  5. Enter Title.
  6. Enter Description of Product
  7. Insert Image
  8. Pricing
    1. Insert retail price under "Price" (This is the sold price)
    2. Enter compare at price at 0
    3. (If you wish to place a item for sale then enter discount sale price under "Price" and retail price at "Compare at price)
  9. Insert SKU
  10. Under Inventory policy select "Shopify Track Inventory" This is the trigger command for inventory to sync with Zoho. SKU must be accurate to match Zoho inventory sku. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP
  11. Refer to pricing rules for shipping.
  12. Scroll back up to Tags.
  13. Enter appropriate tag for product. Tags are already pre inserted. DO NOT CREATE A NEW TAG.
    1. Examples:
    2. Signed Basketball = NBA
    3. Signed Football = NFL
    4. Signed Football Jersey = NFL
    5. Signed Basketball = NBA
    6. Signed Movie Poster =(Select type of entertainment Ie. Drama / Romance, Action / Thriller Etc Etc.
  14. Save Product when finished. 
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