How to eBay

    How to add items to ebay
  1. Select my ebay (Top right)
  2. Click listing on top menu.
  3. Select Create listing
  4. Choose default template and start listing. 
  5. Enter product details. FILL CUSTOM LABEL (SKU) this is necessary for Zoho Sync
  6. Under Item description replace "Item title here" and "Item description here"
  7. Enter Auction details and packaging
  8. Select list item.

How to process an ebay transaction in Zoho

Orders are updated every 4 hours in Zoho

Once a order goes through eBay, Zoho will automatically create sales order. (after sync (every 4 hours))

  1. Select ebay sales order in Zoho
  2. Finish order by converting to invoice
  3. Record payment (found under ebay transaction details)
  4. Instruct shipping to insert tracking number under new packages
    1. Tracking number will automatically be updated into eBay once completed (sync time is every 4 hours)
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