Using Dropbox to Find Images

To look for images in dropbox follow this procedures.


  1. Open Finder Menu.
  • In the search bar on the top left type the following to search for product.
    • (PrimaryName)-(Optional Specific Name)(Item Description)
      • Name = Name is the primary subject. These rules determine the name.
        • Team - The name of the team without the City or location of the team. (Ie. Bulls, Lakers, Giants)
        • Optional Specific name is used with team, album names, or cast items. For example Warriors-CurryJersey
          • Warriors = Primary name
          • Curry= Players last name
          • Jersey= Item Description
        • Item Description - The item description are determined by these rules.
          • Photo Size (8x10, 16x20 etc etc)
          • Jersey
          • Poster
          • Etc.
    • Examples of how your search will look:
      • Deadpool-Reynolds8x10AS
      • Django-CastPoster
      • JamesBond-MooreSig
      • Metallica-BackInBlackLP
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