Champions Forever - 5 Signature Collage


The incomparable quality of heavyweight boxing in the 60s and '70s was not due to Muhammad Ali: his was a timeless talent and a transcendent charisma that would have illuminated any era. What made the period so extraordinary was the number of Ali's competitors who, had they fought in other decades, would have stood clear as the best boxer in the world.

Muhammad Ali - 56-0-5 3x World Heavyweight Champion

George Foreman - 76-0-5 2x World Heavyweight Champion

Joe Frazier - 32-1-4 World Heavyweight Champion (deceased)

Larry Holmes - 69-0-6 WBC / IBF Heavyweight Champion

Ken Norton - 42-1-7 WBC Heavyweight Champion (deceased)


This amazing collection of signatures from "Champions Forever" has been custom framed with laser cut logos, etched nameplate, and a photo of all 5 boxing legends.


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