"Apollo 1 - " Virgil "Gus" Grissom signed (1925) $1 Silver Certificate


One of NASA's original "Mercury 7", Gus Grissom was chosen as one of 3 astronauts that would go up in the first "Apollo" mission.

A cabin fire during a launch rehearsal test on January 27, 1967 at Cape Kennedy Air Force Station Launch Complex killed all 3 crew members.  It was a tragic start to the new program and almost ended the missions entirely.

This is a rare, 1925 $1 Silver Certificate signed by Gus Grissom.  Custom framed with laser-cut "Apollo 1" mission logo and NASA logo, official NASA portrait, biographical nameplate and the quote from the plaque at the site of the "Apollo 1" tragedy:

"They gave their lives in service to their country in the ongoing 
exploration of humankind's final frontier. Remember them not for 
how they died, but for those ideals for which they lived."

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